Dateline: 13:30 EST – Location: NYC – 35th & 7th

Back in the US of A again. Had a superb weekend back in London thanks to Steve, Craig, Bob, Dan, Jon and everyone else for their company at various stages of inebriation. Saturday ended up at Strawberry Sundae in Holloway dancing to heavy trance/house till 4am then driving back to Camberley in the Quidnunc red Alfa (TM) at speeds more than slightly over those preferred by the local constabulary. Driving in and out of London late at night to go clubbing is definately a winner. Nice. Good club too.

Sunday was spent at my dad’s house playing croquet in the sun and giving Abigail way too many helicopter rides for my poor back! I need to get seriously fit to keep up those fun and games, although Nicole had a ride a few weeks earlier and I survived. I think Abigail was a little less scared than Nicole though! Caught up with Jon with a quick pint in the P&P in Chiswick then a Thai before wandering back to Richmond and harassing him about buying Glasto tickets (which he’s now done – good lad). I still find myself weirded out that he lives where I used to live on Lower Richmond Road for various reasons so I can never stay too long there.

Monday was a meeting then flying back to the US courtesy of Virgin shaglantic. Usual flight trauma but got to see the Pokemon movie in lieu of The Talented Mr Riply. Don’t think I got the best end of that deal… Collected more of virgin’s cute little toy ducks from their packs of goodies. Soon I’ll have a whole flotilla.

A superb four days. Hectic and full of friends and family. Started to resolve some life conflicts and totally failed to resolve others – overall score: 12 – 1 in favor of good resolution though. Result. Living in a different country can be very stressful sometimes but one of the cool things is going on holiday at home. Yay.

[More Jet Lag]

More jet lag. Bought some essential oils to try and revive me on the recommendation of Angela from work. She recommended eucalytpus and grapefruit – tasty. Body shop could only supply lemon as a citrusy flavour though – should be good.

So why do I need reviving? Well, I’m off up into town to catch up with some more London chums at Gemma Wilson’s birthday drinks somewhere near Picadilly Circus. Not sure if I’ll last too late since I’ve had 6 hours sleep in the last three days… but who knows. I’ve had a good day at Camberley even if the traditional Pizza Express tuna and tomato pizza was not up to their usual high standards. Thinking about it that’s a nightmare trans-atlantic pizza – in Brit-land it’s pronounced ‘tuner and tom-ah-toe’ and in Yank-town it’s ‘tooner and tom-aye-toe’. I would do some sound samples of me saying this but I’m feeling way too lazy… Off to town I go! Wish me good parking karma…

Dateline 19:45 GMT. Location: London office cheese and wine tasting.

Yep. I’ve come back to the UK for a long weekend in order to look into WAP on Monday. Today was spent shopping at Cyberdog to replace t-shirts I destroyed for lack of washing abilities and new trousers (pants to the Americans in my readership). I also got sidetracked by a cool watch that flashes when you move. Nice!

So now the world seems a little blurry due to the 1 hour of fitful sleep I achieved in Virgin’s Economy class even with 3 seats to myself! I ended up watching Sleepy Hollow which was beautiful but lacking in substance. Tonight I’m catching up with Quid-Brits then tomorrow my mum and Sunday my dad. It is, as always weirdly familiar yet different now I’m here…

[Montauk Trip]

Had a fun trip away to Montauk at the very North Eastern tip of Long Island this Saturday. Hired a car admidst a mad rush of people at Dollar and got upgraded from an intermediate to some huge XRS thing with leather seats.

Simple pleasures. Walked on the beach in the sun. Threw stones at a rock and into the sea. Flew a kite. Superb. The beach around the lighthouse is made up on one side of thousands of mussel, hermit crab and normal crab shells – amazingly crunchy. Around the point the beach is covered with beautiful stones of all sizes rounded from the sea. Brought a few home and wished I’d bought more – they make my apartment feel more serene. Helped erosion by trying to hit a large rock with flung stones to explosive effect – brilliant.

On the way back saw the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows, Queens from the road and veered over to have a closer look. This lump of 700,000 lbs of steel floats like some hole in reality over a small pool area (currently empty). The sense of weirdness when you look at this at night is amazing – blue lights really help the mood along with the close proximity of the World’s Fair Towers that turned out to be spaceships in the Men In Black movie. The whole place was deserted apart from a few breakdancers practicing their moves.

Feeling Ill.

Sore throat, buzzy head. Couldn’t sleep very well last night due to coughing. My apartment felt really cold and the hot water still wasn’t very hot this morning even though I’d spoken to my landlord about it. Guess I need to follow up with him at some point. Current drugs are:

Guess last week’s over activity is catching up with me. Hopefully it won’t run on too long though! Fingers crossed.

[You Have No Mail]

There are some people who mail you every minute of the day then stop but you don’t miss them. There are some people who mail you irregularly but you know they still care. There are others who seem to mail everyone else but you when they are supposed to be your friends – yet when you meet up you get on really well. Why is that? Why do I care? Who knows. Did that even make sense?

Well, I’m off to drink – that always makes sense to me…

[Groove Armada’d]

Well, Groove Armada turned out to be crap DJs last night at Twilo. The night itself, 2k, looked to be potentially quite a nice crowd – probably check it out again when it’s a regular DJ. So anyhoo, only stayed out until 2.30ish which was pretty well-behaved for a school night even though I’m a little bit sleepy now. Had fun chatting to StJohn’s friend Celia (a very sociable stylist from London town), as well as meeting Debbie and Simon and getting wound up by Saint over PLT. Good caribbean food was had by all at Negril

My step-brother Oliver flies in today for a few days with plans to join in the Oakenfold festivities on Friday. Hopefully he’ll be his normal bouncey trancey house self and I’ll have got some sleep before then. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn off sleep for a few days then sleep a whole day to catch up. I’m sure I used to be able to do that. I miss the Que Club!!

[Rainy Roof]

Spoke to my ‘landlord’, Gabrielle, about the roof. He’s going to check into it – yay! As you can see though, my grasp of the English language continues to be abraded by excess Buffy and Americans of my acquintaince. I’m all about the American language now… whatever.


My mum is currently dealing with a major trauma at her school. A child in her class was killed along with sibling and mother over the weekend. It’s shaken mum up pretty badly, understandably. It’s times like this when I really regret not being in the same country to try and help more. Sorry I’m not there, mum!


So, to try and cheer you all up – although I don’t officially ‘blog’ – here’s a cool site to play with… Also, Glastonbury tickets go on sale April 3rd.

[A Good Week for Brit-Dance]

The week ahead looks good for Brit-dance@NYC. Gilles Peterson plays Shine today, Groove Armada play Twilo on Wednesday and Oakenfold is at the Roxy on Friday. My step brother Oliver is in town from Thursday so hopefully he can stay awake for Oakie…

On the downside, found out that Eddie Izzard is doing a week of his Circle tour at the Westbeth Theatre. This was the place that I got backstage with the man himself when I first got to New York. My luck’s out this time – tickets are sold out. Here’s hoping for an extension to the run… Gripe time though – New York currently lacks a good place to find gigs ahead of time (rather than 1 day before). That’s definately something to hope for – maybe it could have whizzo filtering tech such as ‘I’m a Brit – tell me when any Brit celeb is in New York even if I don’t like them normally since I’m bound to go and feel all patriotic unless it’s Oasis’. Yes, I have a dream…