[Rainy Roof]

Spoke to my ‘landlord’, Gabrielle, about the roof. He’s going to check into it – yay! As you can see though, my grasp of the English language continues to be abraded by excess Buffy and Americans of my acquintaince. I’m all about the American language now… whatever.


My mum is currently dealing with a major trauma at her school. A child in her class was killed along with sibling and mother over the weekend. It’s shaken mum up pretty badly, understandably. It’s times like this when I really regret not being in the same country to try and help more. Sorry I’m not there, mum!


So, to try and cheer you all up – although I don’t officially ‘blog’ – here’s a cool site to play with… Also, Glastonbury tickets go on sale April 3rd.

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