[Groove Armada’d]

Well, Groove Armada turned out to be crap DJs last night at Twilo. The night itself, 2k, looked to be potentially quite a nice crowd – probably check it out again when it’s a regular DJ. So anyhoo, only stayed out until 2.30ish which was pretty well-behaved for a school night even though I’m a little bit sleepy now. Had fun chatting to StJohn’s friend Celia (a very sociable stylist from London town), as well as meeting Debbie and Simon and getting wound up by Saint over PLT. Good caribbean food was had by all at Negril

My step-brother Oliver flies in today for a few days with plans to join in the Oakenfold festivities on Friday. Hopefully he’ll be his normal bouncey trancey house self and I’ll have got some sleep before then. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn off sleep for a few days then sleep a whole day to catch up. I’m sure I used to be able to do that. I miss the Que Club!!

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