This is the personal blog of Matt Hobbs. Expect witty, urbane and insightful posts about life ‘n stuff, and if that’s not the case then please complain to the management. No really. They need a laugh.

On a more serious note I’ve been blogging for a while at various locations, with the last iteration of this blog kicking off back in Feb 2000. That’s ten whole years of shouting out into the digital wilderness about whatever struck my fancy.

Which Matt Hobbs is this?

A good question. There are a lot of Matt Hobbses out there in the world, bless my lack of originality.

I’m the one who blogs irregularly, takes a lot of photos and works in the exciting realm of digital products. Still not sure if I’m the one you’re looking for? Well I’m English and have lived in London, Montreal, Melbourne, Vancouver & New York – of which the last is my spiritual home, even if London is where I’m at right now. In fact I’m pretentious enough to think of myself as a ‘New Yorker’ at heart. Oi vey.

Other than that I love travelling, my family, my friends, yoga, talking about mostly anything, going to gigs, movies & the great outdoors. Though if I could be anywhere else right now it would be scuba diving in beautiful azure waters, before watching the sun set over the sea with a cool drink as the sea breeze starts up. Bliss.

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