[More Jet Lag]

More jet lag. Bought some essential oils to try and revive me on the recommendation of Angela from work. She recommended eucalytpus and grapefruit – tasty. Body shop could only supply lemon as a citrusy flavour though – should be good.

So why do I need reviving? Well, I’m off up into town to catch up with some more London chums at Gemma Wilson’s birthday drinks somewhere near Picadilly Circus. Not sure if I’ll last too late since I’ve had 6 hours sleep in the last three days… but who knows. I’ve had a good day at Camberley even if the traditional Pizza Express tuna and tomato pizza was not up to their usual high standards. Thinking about it that’s a nightmare trans-atlantic pizza – in Brit-land it’s pronounced ‘tuner and tom-ah-toe’ and in Yank-town it’s ‘tooner and tom-aye-toe’. I would do some sound samples of me saying this but I’m feeling way too lazy… Off to town I go! Wish me good parking karma…

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