Dateline: 13:30 EST – Location: NYC – 35th & 7th

Back in the US of A again. Had a superb weekend back in London thanks to Steve, Craig, Bob, Dan, Jon and everyone else for their company at various stages of inebriation. Saturday ended up at Strawberry Sundae in Holloway dancing to heavy trance/house till 4am then driving back to Camberley in the Quidnunc red Alfa (TM) at speeds more than slightly over those preferred by the local constabulary. Driving in and out of London late at night to go clubbing is definately a winner. Nice. Good club too.

Sunday was spent at my dad’s house playing croquet in the sun and giving Abigail way too many helicopter rides for my poor back! I need to get seriously fit to keep up those fun and games, although Nicole had a ride a few weeks earlier and I survived. I think Abigail was a little less scared than Nicole though! Caught up with Jon with a quick pint in the P&P in Chiswick then a Thai before wandering back to Richmond and harassing him about buying Glasto tickets (which he’s now done – good lad). I still find myself weirded out that he lives where I used to live on Lower Richmond Road for various reasons so I can never stay too long there.

Monday was a meeting then flying back to the US courtesy of Virgin shaglantic. Usual flight trauma but got to see the Pokemon movie in lieu of The Talented Mr Riply. Don’t think I got the best end of that deal… Collected more of virgin’s cute little toy ducks from their packs of goodies. Soon I’ll have a whole flotilla.

A superb four days. Hectic and full of friends and family. Started to resolve some life conflicts and totally failed to resolve others – overall score: 12 – 1 in favor of good resolution though. Result. Living in a different country can be very stressful sometimes but one of the cool things is going on holiday at home. Yay.

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