[Montauk Trip]

Had a fun trip away to Montauk at the very North Eastern tip of Long Island this Saturday. Hired a car admidst a mad rush of people at Dollar and got upgraded from an intermediate to some huge XRS thing with leather seats.

Simple pleasures. Walked on the beach in the sun. Threw stones at a rock and into the sea. Flew a kite. Superb. The beach around the lighthouse is made up on one side of thousands of mussel, hermit crab and normal crab shells – amazingly crunchy. Around the point the beach is covered with beautiful stones of all sizes rounded from the sea. Brought a few home and wished I’d bought more – they make my apartment feel more serene. Helped erosion by trying to hit a large rock with flung stones to explosive effect – brilliant.

On the way back saw the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows, Queens from the road and veered over to have a closer look. This lump of 700,000 lbs of steel floats like some hole in reality over a small pool area (currently empty). The sense of weirdness when you look at this at night is amazing – blue lights really help the mood along with the close proximity of the World’s Fair Towers that turned out to be spaceships in the Men In Black movie. The whole place was deserted apart from a few breakdancers practicing their moves.

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