EU Facists Ban Un-Aryan Vegetables?

One of the great things about being back in the good ol’ U of K is that now our century old ways of doing things get regularly over-turned by the bunch of failed politicians who comprise the EU. In all fairness, some things they do are quite sensible, but other rules just seem to be rules for rules sake. For example, national supermarket Sainsbury’s is currently complaining to the EU about their ban on ‘ugly’ veg. This ban prevents any shop from selling veg that doesn’t meet certain standards – such as too small cauliflowers, forked carrots and the like. In this time of eco-policies and tight financial markets, being told to throw away up to 20% of their supplies seems a bit bonkers mental to me. What’s next? EU veg inspectors setting up checkpoints down the allotment to check every vegetable you take home to your family?

Right, rant over.. I’m back off to finish reading my Daily M*il.

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