The Results Are In: Obama Wins!

Yay, Obama! Unfortunately, that’s only for the first town in America to open it’s poll.. Dixville Notch. the 21 registered voters gathered just after midnight and declared themselves overwhelmingly for Obama, in a town that has consistently voted Republican since 1968. Now if this result were to be repeated across the US today we could expect Obama to win in a landslide, taking 71% of the vote.

Of course anyone with even a slightest understanding of statistics will realise that one small town of 21 voters is never going to offer a reliable poll for the whole nation. Still, we can but hope – and with McCain now fervently spouting Obama’s ‘We need change’ slogan himself, you can only agree with his obvious endorsement of Obama’s presidency. So off you go good gentlefolk of the fine United States, head to the pools and do some good for yourselves and the rest of the world today.

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