Huzah – I Was Right!

Surprisingly, my joke post from the morning of the US Election turned out to be correct. We sat in the Sun and Doves and watched the results roll in till 4am British time, when Barack Obama was confirmed as the first black President of America. An auspicious night indeed, and a welcome one as witnessed by the raucous cheering whenever Obama won a state and booing when McCain did the same.

So now we just have to wait and see how Obama’s winning campaign based on positive forward thinking translates into a post-Bush administration. As Obama himself says, America won’t turn itself around overnight, but I believe that he’s given many Americans something they haven’t had in a long time, perhaps in their entire lives – hope, and a vision of a future where individuals can effect positive change not only in themselves, but in their country. One can only hope that this new vision of the American Dream, writ in human flesh by Obama, survives meeting reality. Even if it only inspires a small percentage of people, these people are likely to be in the parts of society where hope is most needed as a valuable currency.

For me the best part is that the nightmare that was George W Bush can shortly end, and not just end with a tailing off, but end with a full stop. The end. Finito. I truly believe that people will look back on his time in the White House as some of the darkest days of American history. America needs hope and positivity right now, not just for themselves, but also to restore their lost goodwill in the rest of the world, and Obama is the right choice at this time. Huzah!

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