From the heart of darkness

Wow. It’s hotter than hell in New York today. 90 degrees odd. Plus the satanic troupe descending on this poor beleagured city for Repub-con’04. Grrr… obviously New York needs more shite going on in its life.

Popped down to the protest march yesterday. An amazing sight indeed. New Yorkers are always up for a good march, as witnessed every Halloween in the East Village. Suspect we got a good preview of some folks costumes for that night already, especially if Bush still gets in. The display of good natured dis-content was awe inspiring. That and the shear variation in anti-Bush t-shirts on display. Definately a good show for ‘W’ crossed out, along with the perennial women’s favorite ‘the only bush I trust is my own’. My favorites were:

  • “Yee-haw!” is not a foreign policy
  • The Republican Elephant being f*cked by the Democrat Donkey
  • Are we fascists yet?
  • More trees, less bush
  • He was better drunk

Nice to see such creativity derived from such a subject. Be interesting to see if the Republican t-shirt brigade produce anything better. Of course the fuel for this t-shirt fire will be sadly diminished if the rumours of Dick Cheney being dropped as Bush’s running mate are true. All those Bush and Dick images wasted. Sigh.

Given the mild feeling of imminent death and destruction it’s not surprising that the city seems hornier than the proverbial horndog. Or could just be the weather. Maybe we all should just stay at home, get wrecked and have threesomes. Or there’s always church. Oh no wait, Bush might be there praying for his god to be stronger than their god… Yee haw!

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