Mmm… wet

Watched a most wonderful movie on surfing last night, Step Into Liquid. The main story revolves around four surfers, from Santa Cruz and Maui, taking on 66ft waves out off the Cortez reef about 10 hours out at sea. Intensely crazy watching and wonderfully shot. The rest of the movie is interspersed with other surfing fanatics – including a hydrofoil enabled surfboard that keeps the rider a foot or two above the water’s surface at speed. Crazy. A must see movie for plenty of ‘is that for real?’ type action. And it is real…

Many things keep making me think about the sea at the moment. Going out to the Hamptons and lying listening to the waves, reading books on wreck divers finding sunken U-boats off the Jersey shore, being told about shark movies. All of which is conspiring to make me really, really, really miss being near the ocean. Or in it. Or even under it.

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