Wow – what an amazingly hot weekend! Every day’s just gotten hotter and hotter with this crazy heat that stays in the air and with no breeze to cool you off. Doing great things for my tan – huzah! Strange thought that it’s not that long till Christmas and I’m sunbathing…

The barby was a great success – huhroo! Cooked much meat and the whole back garden was full of lovely folk enjoying themselves. Made a barbecue out of an old flower planter and the oven grills and that worked just fine – so definately going to do more of those. Next time I might just not buy quite so much food though.. got a bit over excited down at Vic market apparently. Ah well, lots of food in the freezer for a while.

One down side was revealed the next night went over to Matt and Denis’ old place to watch the European MTV awards (with dinner courtesy of the lovely Emma and Emmett). Turned out Matt had been bitten by white tailed spiders on both his ankles, which were are now swollen like balloons. Hmm. Strangely another guy at the party had been bitten by one a few weeks ago and was showing the lovely pustlating hole in the back of his calf – yeuch, bloomin’ Aussie animals.

Saturday was a much more chilled out affair ending in a major clubbing session down the Hairy Canary (which did not really live up to the hype – although was a very nice bar) followed by Bonds for some proper dancey dance type antics. Good fun. This left Sunday to recover and also to, randomly, buy a new acoustic guitar as I realised I was missing having one around a bit too much. Cheap and cheerful but I’ve been twanging away happily ever since… mmm. Other good Sunday news was finally met up with my ‘step-cousin’ Simon, over dinner at Nig and Stevie’s. Really nice to see him finally! It had been about 15 or 20 years since we last met I think, and both of us were a little bit taller.

Oh, and according to Nigel all the bites that had been evident over the weekend were not due to white tailed spiders! Apparently everyone has been blaming the little buggers for years but there’s a lot of new evidence indicating that their bite has no real effect. Trouble is noone knows what really is biting people… not sure which thought I find more scary but I’m keeping next door’s cat away from my legs just in case.

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