Hmm. The Melbourne erratic weather outdid itself yesterday. I was sitting happily eating Bimbo’s pizza in their courtyard, baking in the amazing heat when suddenly it started to rain. At first it was that strange, tropical rain where it’s still sunny and warm and the smell of fresh rain is refreshing – but by the third hour it was starting to get a bit boring.

Then it stopped again. Then it started again. Then it stopped and started and started again (possibly because even the clouds were confused as to whether it had really started to rain already themselves). Then it stopped.

But then around midnight an almighty storm kicked in – rain lashing the windows, lightning flashing, hail, the whole kaboodle. There was supposedly around $5 million of hail damage last night as golf ball sized hail lashed the northern city. Cool! Well, it was cool until the water started coming in under the door and had to batton down the hatches with a towel.. little bit worrying but no major damage and everything seems to have dried out now. Had a few flashbacks to my Williamsburg loft with its leaky roof though.

Anyway – today it’s gorgeous and sunny today, although very humid as the rain dries out from the ground. Not too fussed though as bought tickets to res-fest so I’ll be indoors most of the weekend anyway watching the latest in electronic film making. Luverley.

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