Aussie Traditions

Well since it’s coming up to Christmas and beautifully hot and sunny I’ve decided to have a barbie tonight chez 31 Freeman St. Yay! So busy day of shopping ahead down at Vic markets followed by some hectic construction work to make our multi-purpose metal box with legs into something resembling a barbecue… Luckily the Chrises have been on a mad chopping rampage over the last few days and we have a pile of wood the size of a small car in the back garden, the remains of an evil table and cupboard.

Also a bit of a strange day as paying final month’s rent on this place.. which means it’s only just over a month before I have to leave the country (my visa runs out mid-Jan sometime, better check when exactly!) Argh! Time just flies when you’re having fun. Can’t believe it’s almost time to go! Need to try and squeeze in a few scuba dives to see the local underwater flora and fauna for a start – there are some cool seahorse colonies near here that are supposed to be awesome so fingers crossed Vera and I will get out diving boots back on for a bit, and maybe squeeze in some surfing as well back on the Great Ocean Road.

Oh, and had fun night out in St Kilda last night replete with cheapo curry in a box for $10. Ended up in this strange place called the Library Bar where all the tables are made to look like huge books. Very odd.

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