Mmm.. Hurty Head

Stephen’s just come in from Brit-land for the weekend so to celebrate his arrival (and lack of jet-laggedness) we went out on a bit of a Billyburg bar crawl. Started off at Union Pool where the usual eclectic music (think David Holmes) was playing and we sat watching everyone dancing. Then over to Abbey, a dive bar I’ve never tried before which is classic dark pool playing paradise. Next venue was supposed to be the classic Galapagos but for some reason it was already closed at 1.30am! So we ended up going to Level X instead which was playing some great dance music, not that we were supposed to be dancing to it, sigh. Finally we ended up in the Blu Lounge where Ann very kindly let us stay long after everyone had gone to regale us with tales of the Irish mafia in the area. A smashing night all round.

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