Too Much of a Good Thing

Sometimes things happen and they seem like the greatest thing imaginable – but you never see the downside because you’re being swept along in the rush of the moment. This held very true for this poor chap who was definately having too much of a good thing. I always thought that suffocation would be one of the worst ways to die but he has shown me that there are definately levels to it. Actually, come to think about it, someone was telling me over Christmas that drowning is actually a pretty good way to go as after the initial pain of the water flooding your lungs your body releases massive quantities of endorphins so you die in a euphoric haze. Sweet.

After all those cheery thoughts I now must return to cataloging all of the crap I’m shipping back to the UK. I seem to have aquired 85 DVDs, 500 CDs and about 300 books (from art books to trite science fiction) in my time here. That’s an average of 1 CD every 4 days or something like that. Amazing how these things mount up.

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