West Coast Flava

Big thanks and shout out to everyone in San Francisco and Sonoma who gave me a luverley, relaxing (and semi-head straightening) week. Just got back after a quick, smooth flight and managing to get bumped to an hour and a half earlier flight. Thanks to SuperShuttle for being stupidly early there and I hope I didn’t wake you up Dave and Susan….

Something about the west coast seems to be bringing out the engagements. Went to Sam and Amy’s party on Saturday night where I got to hang out with lots of ex-nuncers and had a jolly smashing time. Then on Sunday saw Damien and Trish who recently did the ring thing as well. Must be the air and all that outdoors life that us over-thinking New Yorkers don’t see much of.

Now feeling a little bit spacey for a number of reasons and not sure what to do about some things. So much to do over the next two and a half weeks before I start my travels via the U of K. So I’ll leave you with a helpful analogy for change that my friend Alicia shared with me: Imagine the thing you need to fix in your life is like an infection on the end of one of your fingers. Now you worry that you don’t want to lose your finger, so you cut a bit of the end with the infection, which hurts like fuck but then starts to heal. But then you find, by playing and worrying at it, that the infection has spread to the rest of the finger. So you cut another bit off, again going through the same pain as before. This can continue all the way down your finger until it may even cause you to lose your hand. Better to bite the bullet and cut off your entire finger, saving your hand as well as a lot of repeat pain on the way. Of course the question is, what if you’re no good at diagnosing? Should you cut off your finger for a broken nail? Ah, the fun of analogies.

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