Carpe Diem

While Stephen’s off shopping (aka, going to Bloomingdales for a few hours) I’ve started to pack my New York life into 1.5 cu. ft. boxes. This has given me the chance to throw out a lot of the crap I’ve accumulated over the years I’ve been here, and it’s also thrown up a few gems. I’ve never been good at letting go of anything, my whole family is hoarders, and when you’re moving all this crap seems like a curse. Then I came across my old World Trade Center pass from when I worked for Marsh back in 1999.

The Marsh offices were situated on the entire 96th floor of the Northern World Trade Tower, they also had a few other floors around there having moved from 120 Broad Street in mid-1999. From our cubicals we used to have amazing views down onto the Hudson river as cruise ships and light planes passed by. The building would sway very slightly to allow for the wind and one of the most terrifying and wonderful sights I saw was being in the middle of a thunderstorm one day. The sky lobby around the 60th floor used to catch the most amazing light as the sun set.

On September 11th the 96th floor was the first office to get hit, and I’ve since found out that four people I used to work with were caught in the attack, all of whom had families. Luckily it wasn’t many more, so many people who I knew were late into work that day. Timing is everything in life, and finding that pass just reminded me that we only have an alloted span to enjoy on this planet and we never truely know when it will end. The only truth is that it does end and you will have lived your life and no-one else’s. Seize the day.

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