A Maze of Twisty Turny Passages, All Alike

I’m now back in the US of A, New York City to be exact. My usual weekly jaunt up to State College, PA has been postponed. Indefinately. This was a bit of a surprise as I thought I would still be going up there for another month or two. The reality of it is that I get to stay in New York which I do love infinitely more than State College, although part of me is already missing the guys up there who were often a laugh. Plus of course all the cute student girls! Yay.

On the ‘yay’ note.. the new season of Buffy kicked off last night on UPN. A two hour Buffy-thon that I sat through the first half of before heading into town and letting my re-play take the strain. Watched the rest of it this morning. No great shakes. Guess what.. (spoiler coming)… they resurrect Buffy. D’oh! Didn’t see that one coming a frikkin’ mile off. After the extreme emotional tourment of last season (I cried in at least 3 episodes – especially when Buffy’s mum died) I’m apprehensive about this new series. I don’t believe they can better some of those episodes. So anyway, set my expectations low (one of life’s key rules) and carry on watching… Mmmm, stakey.

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