Still not there

The question keeps arising of which photo from September 11th makes you most upset. I find that quite hard to answer, and if it’s anything then it’s the pictures of the building’s warped structure sticking out from the ground like some rapidly erected memorial. It’s the stories that are really getting to me though. I bought a pile of magazines prior to my trip back to the UK and Cyprus – almost every other story made me cry. For some reason I find the pictures are easier to distance your emotions from.

I just stood on my roof last night and stared at the slightly glowing dust cloud that hangs over lower Manhattan. It’s still so hard to believe that there are still 6000 or so bodies in that rubble. Every newspaper in New York seems to have articles about gas masks. Is it time to get out of here? Or is everywhere soon going to be the same? Who knows. It’s nice to be with friends though.

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