Back in the UK at my old house. Fly back later today on United – hopefully it will be as empty as on the way out so I’ll be able to get some sleep in, something I was sorely lacking until last night. I decided on Saturday to try and move my flight back to London earlier so I could see my family for longer. This turned out to be hideously easy, although the only flight available was 4.35am and was completely full – so no sleep for Matt and apologies to Stephen for constantly banging him as I tried to get slightly comfortable.

Having left Agia Napa we taxi’d over to Lemesos (aka, Lemesol) where we stayed at the Hawaii Grand hotel. This is another large hotel complex with every ammenity on tap, although the pool was smaller than London this time! I’ve now come to realize that I’m not really into ‘posh’ hotels – I’d rather be hanging out with a large group of friends or be somewhere interesting – like Mamacita’s in Culebra. Perhaps it’s just that I spend all my time in hotels anyway, so it just seemed like being at work!!

The last few days in Lemesos continued to be very lazy. We were fairly clubbed out and Lemesos clubs do not compare in quality to Agia Napa’s. Finally beat Stephen in our squash tournament and then in the snooker competition. So the overall score was well in my favour – it was just the ‘guess how many times Starlight is played’ contest that Stephen was best at.

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