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After a weekend of tropical heat in the 90s New York has decided to go decidedly British today with freezing cold rain. Since I am wearing shorts, sandles and t-shirt I am not amused!! The good side of this is that it means the office has not been a complete sauna.

Spent Sunday in the park with Kirsteen having a picnic. We went to the Rose center for Space for a bit to catch up with StJohn and his chums. Jodi Foster explained, in conjunction with a laser light show, how the universe began. 10 seconds later we were on our way through time – from the big bang to the present day. Yawn-a-fuckin’-rama! They could have made it more exciting but it was pretty dull all told. The mouse we saw running under the exhibit was the big excitement. In the evening we went for some smashing sushi at some place in the East Village on A between 5th and 6th.

Saturday was spent a lot on my mobile having discussions in the park, then getting pissed off. Ended up at cush on 5th between A and B. Emily’s friend was DJing playing a nice mix of weird dance. The sofa was hella-cool. Sharp cuboids of black rubber coated foam. Nice. Tim wanted to try and steal one but we decided it would be tricky to get past the bouncer. I was also completely sober which made it seem a less sensible option… Yes, I’d decided – based on Friday night where I’d got highly drunk down at Liquids after a meal down at Holy Basil including one blue drink that I can’t remember the name of. Probably safer that way. They were playing good music again but the crowd was mix of chinos and chinos. Yoiks.

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