[Screw the Internet]

I keep thinking – screw the Internet. To really make money I need to invent ‘self-esteem in a can’. That’s gotta be worth something! Unless of course the ingredients are just a good deodorant, body shampoo and vodka. In which case the market’s already flooded.

I need more sleep. Things came up last night in a conversation that got to me more than I’d like and I don’t even know why. Isn’t that strange? How emotions can just rise up in you with no way of knowing where they come from? My normal range is lust, sleepiness, lust and hunger which I can normally source. Other ones… well, they come and go.

People can be fuckers though. Sometimes they know it too and still do it – that’s the scariest thing I know. For everyone who knows me out there – whenever I’m a fucker tell me! I probably don’t realize it! Can’t everyone just be nice to each other? Why do people want pain in their lives? Jeez.

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