[Mum & Nan Last Night in NYC]

Well, mum and nan’s last night in New York City tonight. Mum made roast beef dinner so I’m now feeling extremely fat and bloaty. Luverley. We all went to see Beauty and the Beast just off Broadway. This turned out to be pretty fun (although they wouldn’t let me take my extra large vodka and coke back to the seat) – especially when they did a dance based around all the characters banging metal cups together. Amazing stuff – especially when they had four different people hitting cups together in time with each other.

Strangely enough it all ended happily ever after… bless.

Today I went up to Boston for a two hour meeting. A great way to spend the day. Also involved seeing the Marine Terminal at Le Guardia airport which is pretty amazing with painted ceilings and strange, Russian style sculptures. I was running too late to really appreciate this though!

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