Ended up spending some of the night with evil playmate StJ and and legal alien, Herta (boss of Uber Inc and Nicole). St had set up his projecter on Herta’s roof on 27th and Lex (v cool) and we watched American Movie. Then went down to Baktun and listened to some luverley tunes at what is going to be the last static for a while – sigh. Had another amaretto sour – lovely. The owner/barperson was giving me consistent weird looks which, it transpired, were because she thought I was Bodie – the Saturday doorman. She hadn’t heard of Doyle though… Must have been my Grade A Bruce Lee shirt (which I still love more than life itself) and my CyberDog grey/blue rave pants combo – they make synchronicity flow….

Cycled in again this morning – third day in a row and I’m getting progressively more knackered!! It takes a lot more time overall than getting the subway but I get to have a shower in the office and feel refreshed for the day (before the Q back room sweatshop effect kicks in). I love the views over the bridge on the way into town. Wish there was a park on the way. One thing I really miss from London is cycling into work along the river from Tooting. Oh, and trying to beat Russ’s time around Richmond Park.

g.b.t.w.n. – 4 hours after last communique!

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