[Hunter Mountain Fun]

Yey – fitted in another day of snowboarding before the end of the east coast season. Hunter mountain was the venue courtesy of Blades on the upper west. Snow was kinda slushy which made it fun but managed to pick up some good turning practice in my lesson and even went down the slope faster than my usual crawl. Next stop, 360 jumps, etc…

Note to self for next time though – don’t go out partying until 4.30am the night before you get up at 5.45am to catch a 6.30am coach… Apologies to Tully for waking him up when I staggered in to Stevie’s! The party fun was provided by the ever hospitable Alan in sunny Cobble Hill. Alan’s an illustrator for Penguin who has some superb paintings around his house – don’t know any links though… Which raises the question of when I should be planning my house warming party for. I keep thinking of this weekend before I get any proper furniture in to trash. More as it happens.

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