[Pain. Nausea. Bad hair.]

Pain. Nausea. Bad hair. Vodka, you are not my friend. Oh, how can I stay mad at you – come here you cute little clear fluid… A good night was head by all in honor of my new chum Tim, another Brit who I met at the Williamsburg party a few weeks ago. Tim didn’t quite make it to the final destination of Max Fish but was well placed to cause havoc and mayhem to all who crossed his path. Bless.

More worrying is the fact that my roof is now dripping water due to the first serious deluge in New York for a while. Come back snow! It’s been sunny all week and I’ve been stuck in an office (aside from some enjoyable midtown romps to sit by the Javitz Center) and now the weekend is here and it rains. Oy vey. Luckily my roof is not leaking onto anything useful and perishable.

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