[First Major L Line Commute Meltdown]

Riight.. two weeks in Williamsburg and my first major commute meltdown. Today the Union Square Station L line was closed due to a broken water main. This meant having to go on the L to Lorimar, get the G to 23rd and the F into town. Potentially exactly the same time to do this as the normal L to Union, N/R to 33rd.. apart from the fact that 20 gaz-illion other B&T-ers were trying to use the same route. One and a half hours later I arrived – not too fried – at ClubMom where I’m currently working.

Can’t wait until I get used to the commute properly – I’m constantly whacked at the moment since I still adhere to my ‘stay up till 1am watching crap on TV then get up at 9 to walk 3 blocks to office’ mentality. Looking forward to my first bike ride across Williamsburg bridge (which would have been good today) now that Carter’s told me the way…

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