The Blob Attacks Greenpoint

Apparently Greenpoint, and increasing areas of hipster gentrified Brooklyn, is sitting on top of a huge bubble of toxic oil spill that’s been known about since the 70s! Hmm… I guess since this is pretty much exactly underneath my Brooklyn apartment I should be worried, but then maybe my landlord is using the oil to provide cheap heating. Another fine mess from Exxon Mobile (allegedly).

amazing sushi @ Gen, Brooklyn

Just a quick thank you to the talented sushi chefs at Gen. This wonderful sushi place is located a short walk from the Brooklyn Museum of Arts, in an area that seems a little run down. Although it is out of the way for most people, I highly recommend a trip out there – the fish is sublime, and the portion sizes for the sashimi are almost double that of most places I’ve been. They even make their own soy sauce.