The Blob Attacks Greenpoint

Apparently Greenpoint, and increasing areas of hipster gentrified Brooklyn, is sitting on top of a huge bubble of toxic oil spill that’s been known about since the 70s! Hmm… I guess since this is pretty much exactly underneath my Brooklyn apartment I should be worried, but then maybe my landlord is using the oil to provide cheap heating. Another fine mess from Exxon Mobile (allegedly).

2 thoughts on “The Blob Attacks Greenpoint”

  1. There is no bubble. No toxic anything. But, because of the spill Greenpoint was one of the most tested areas in NY. Guess what they found- The LOWEST Cancer rates in Brooklyn. NO toxic vapors. Some of the longest lifespans in NY. Considering it has been here for fifty years, the data proves that the recent publicity is aimed at something else. Maybe depressing property values? News channel 12 reported on the vapor study last week which showed no vapors were present, but they have refused to include it on their web archived stories. Same is true for the Greenpoint Star. It is interesting that they have all of the negative stories archived and available online.

  2. That’s an interesting perspective. It could certainly be the makings of some building conglomerate mastermind depressing local prices so they can buy everyone out for cheap before they are ‘exposed to carcinogens’. Then, miraculously, the area gets the all clear and someone makes a killing. I’m sure that sort of thing never happens in New York…

    As to the longest lifespans – that’ll be the healthy local Polish diet of pierogies {:)

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