Book Review: The Night of Knives

Picture of book cover for Night of Knives - by Jon Evans

My good friend and talented author Jon has just had his latest magnum opus, The Night of Knives, released in paperback in the UK. It’s another swash-buckling tale of epic travels, technological wizardry and global subterfuge, and a damn fine read. This time the backdrop is Africa, the technology is mostly mobile phones and the subterfuge… well, you’ll have to read that to find out as Jon plots a fine sequence of twists and turns that will keep you guessing and happily sitting on the edge of your seat – whether that seat is on the tube or on a sunny beach somewhere. Hopefully a beach somewhere safer than Jon’s African idyll…

Go buy it now so Jon can fund his next epic trip and bring back tales for us all to enjoy through his eyes.

amazing sushi @ Gen, Brooklyn

Just a quick thank you to the talented sushi chefs at Gen. This wonderful sushi place is located a short walk from the Brooklyn Museum of Arts, in an area that seems a little run down. Although it is out of the way for most people, I highly recommend a trip out there – the fish is sublime, and the portion sizes for the sashimi are almost double that of most places I’ve been. They even make their own soy sauce.

The Best Web Hosting

Bit of a plug – I’ve been using DreamHost for my web hosting for a while now and I have to say they’re awesome! Cheap, responsive and with a good uptime – a perfect fit for my non-critical domains. The best part of hosting with them is you can host unlimited domains under the same account, so for just over a hundred bucks a year and I can host this domain and all my many others at no extra cost. Amazingly this cost is only slightly more than I was paying to host my old domain back in the U of K. Crazy.

So go check them out and sign up with the hosting discount code BEST1 to get a discount on the price of the Yearly Level 1 service. Plus then I get a kick back as well and can buy you beers (or orange juices in Matt’s case).