Space Invader Japan Invasion Kit

Good news for all fans of Space Invader, he’s just re-opened his Space Shop with a wide selection of goodies. First up are the ‘Made in Japan’ Invasion Kits – IK_13 – made to celebrate his current show in Japan. They come in two flavours – 30 signed at €350 a piece (already sold out) and 150 unsigned at €200 each*. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Next up, is the Invader map of Rome. Multo bene! There are a thousand of these little bambinos to grab, although there will be some signed unfolded/cut versions coming soon. Or if you want something a bit more substantial like a good plate of pasta, then pick up one of the ‘Invaderoma’ books – signed with mosaic cover at €450 (60 of them) or soft cover for a lot less.

The invasion rolls ever onward…

* For those fans of maths and the like, you’ll know that if he sells all those invasion kits he nets a cool €40,500! That should pay for him to make plenty more world trips to bring Invader joy to everyone. Huzah!

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