Recent Things of Note…

Yes, another post where I quickly mention all the stuff I’ve been up to but haven’t blogged about for various reasons (mostly time related). Today’s post is extremely lazy, so I’m going to do it in bullet point form… Guess who wasn’t an A Student in English?

  • Saw Mike Leigh, talented director of some of my favourite films (Naked, Topsy Turvy) give a Q&A about his latest piece ‘Another Year’. The movie is wonderful and well worth seeing, just don’t expect Hollywood happy endings, and as for Mr Leigh himself – an interesting, creative and talented chap.
  • We went to Toronto for a week. So got to hang out with M’s lovely family, enjoy a splendid Canadian Thanksgiving and catch up with lots of my favourite Canadian folks; Jason and his new band Sunfields play an excellent gig at the Dakota Tavern – plus they bought some St Viateur bagels (thanks, Phil!) , Jon who very kindly gave me a copy of his excellent graphic novel – The Executor, plus Mathew, Micah and Oscar – as well as seeing Micah’s new shop in the Junction – Russet and Empire. Well worth checking out if you’re in the area. Sad we didn’t get to Montreal again this trip, and felt a bit emotional as we flew over it at night on our way back to London. C’est la vie.
  • Went to the excellent White Michief Halloween party. Great fun, but we need to up our costume game for next time we go.
  • Finished reading Surface Detail, the latest Culture novel by Iain M Banks. Great stuff and I now find I have a hole in my reading schedule for something that keeps me as engrossed.

Sure there’s plenty more I’ve forgotten about.. and as I go through my backlog of photos I’ll likely blog more. That backlog is only about four years long now. Jeebus!

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