Back in sunny London

Back in London again after my super fun week and a bit back in New York. Thanks to everyone for making time to hang out – it was great to see you all – and those of you who I didn’t get to see, fingers crossed for next time! Plus a big ‘up’ to Sandra for letting my couch surf for the week. You rock!

Now I just need to adjust to getting up in the morning for work at the time I was just about finishing carousing for the night… Ug. Thankfully it’s a bright and sunny morning, so the walk in should shake the last bit of sleep from my eyes. Then it’s the longer term trauma of re-adjusting back to London life after a week of the New York simplicity and intensity, with the usual question – “why don’t things in London just work as well as they do in New York?”. Or cost as little. I mean.. $25 for a week metro card in New York.. that’s about £18 for unlimited travel all over the five boroughs 24 (yes, count them) hours a day. It’s always a sobering thought. Not that London isn’t a great city, it’s just one you have to work at enjoying more than you do in NYC.

OK.. enough blog related procrastination. It’s back to work with me.

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