Ah, New York

Seal & Heidi in SoHo
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It’s been a non-stop whirlwind of catching up with folks since I got into New York on Friday night after a long flight (complete with lightning strike as we landed). Thankfully last night I finally got more than four hours sleep – such is the price of wanting to catch up with as many friends as possible over a weekend.

It’s great to be back, even if only for a visit. Everything is so familiar, yet at the same time many things have changed. 8th Ave has a cycle land and mid-ave parking. Williamsburg has more high rise towers. Some of our favourite places have closed – such as Palacinka in SoHo – others have expanded – like Kid Robot. What do we learn from this? That small plastic unnecessary but cute toys are recession proof, wonderful crepes are not. It also transpires that for the first time in my knowledge, it’s cheaper to buy DVDs and CDs in England! No wonder the Virgin megastores are closing.

Today has been my first day to myself as everyone’s back at work. So I’ve run some errands including getting replacement jeans at Uniqlo since the ones I’d brought had developed an embarrassing hole in travel. Any excuse to shop. On the way a pack of paps, big lenses blocking my southerly trajectory as they aimed across the street, alerted me to the random celeb sighting of Seal, Heidi and kids waiting to cross Broadway. All very exciting, but not as exciting as finding out that my favourite Uniqlo jeans are on sale. Huzah!

Ps, In case anyone’s around in town and reading this I’m planning some group drinks on Thursday night (16 April) down at Stanton Public (17 Stanton between Bowery and Chrystie) from around 8-9 on. I have a US cell for the week if you want to get in touch which I posted on my facebook wall otherwise just email me.

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