The End of One Adventure, The Beginning of the Next

Today is our last day in Montreal, at least for a while, as tomorrow morning we begin our roundabout journey back to London. We arrive in London early Wednesday 14th May, ready for a hectic week of settling in, finding jobs and family birthdays. Before that we have to load up a 17″ U-Haul lorry with most of our possessions, drive to Toronto and Miette’s family, spend a few happy days catching up with Toronto folk and then onto a plane to London and onto another chapter in our lives.

Right now both of us are a bit tired – mentally and physically. Thankfully the Montreal sun is shining down which is keeping our spirits up, as we prepare to leave the home we’ve created for ourselves here. Our first shipment of ‘life crap’ is boxed, waiting in a Montreal warehouse, soon to start it’s own journey to London by sea. We’ve ticked most of the boxes on the ‘Montreal things we’ll miss’ list; hanging out with friends, a last yoga session, eating way too much poutine, walking around the Old Port, dinners at our favorite restaurants (Chez Jose, Stash and last night L’Express) and just enjoying the Montreal chilled out pace of life. Personally I hope we can take some of that calm and stillness that we have here to the more hectic, bustling London world.

Sitting last night at L’Express, enjoying foie gras and beautifully cooked steaks, we wrote down the things we’re looking forward to in London; seeing family and friends, jogging along South Bank, going to the art galleries, shopping at Tesco, trips around the country, watching Doctor Who without waiting for someone to upload it to youTube, cycling around and finding out how we create our home over there for a while at least. There’s an adventure ahead of us that’s for certain, and fond memories of the adventure so far to enjoy in the quiet times. Ta ta for now.

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