Last Rainy Weekend in Montreal

Well it’s our last weekend in Montreal before heading off to live in London, and of course the weather has decided that we’re not going to have a good time of it. It’s grey and rainy, and the forecast for tomorrow is the same. Bugger. Luckily Montreal has the underground city to keep us dry as we wander round, but it’s not the nicest part of Montreal by a long way. For some reason the underground city always makes me think of some dark, dystopian future where the surface of the Earth is no longer inhabitable – but without the cool neon of Blade Runner.

In the meantime everything is packed up in boxes, some for London, some for back to Oakville and some for charity. The apartment looks like a bomb hit it, or at least a bomb that neatly packs things into cardboard boxes. We’ve recovered from the leaving drinks of the other night – thanks to everyone who made it – and now it’s just the last few bits to get together. Fun fun.

Meanwhile, back in London, it turns out we’re heading back just in time to enjoy the new Mayor’s first few months. Boris Johnson got voted in by a narrow margin, knocking out incumbent Ken Livingstone. This seems to be part of a Labour backlash, as Conservatives seem to be winning by elections all round the country. Ah well, as long as we don’t end up with another Thatcher in power it can’t be too bad.

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