Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Just a quickie since I’m not on the Internet very much at the moment being down in Mexico ‘n all! Hope all of you have a very splendid Christmas and associated other celebrations, wish you could all be here with us now – it’s lovely down here, although there’s always something strange about Christmas when it’s not cold.
So as a traditional Christmas Eve activity today I went for my first dive since the Similian Islands in Thailand, way back in March 2003… It was pretty obvious I was rusty, even with the practice dive the other week. Still, it was great to be back in the blue again and expect some photos soon since M and her family got me a lovely underwater camera case for Christmas/Birthday – thanks again for that! And thanks again to dad for his Birthday present of a few years back.. a dive watch that has only just seen its first action. Splendid.

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