Attack of the Killer Jellyfish

When I was diving in Australia off the Queensland coast, we all sort of lived in fear/awe of the Irukandji jellyfish – tiny, transparent jellyfish whose venom can kill purely from the extreme pain it inflicts. Worrying stuff indeed. Luckily, jellyfish stings find it hard to get through any sort of material so in our wetsuits we were relatively safe.

Danger Jellyfish Sign by Matt Hobbs

Now its seems more of us will be at risk from swarms of these jellyfish as they migrate around the world in search of food. In a new film, cinematographers trace the path of these surprisingly intelligent and well defended animals as they head away from their traditional areas and foray for new food sources. Beautiful but unnerving, this is one film everyone who dives (and swims) should probably watch.

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Just a quickie since I’m not on the Internet very much at the moment being down in Mexico ‘n all! Hope all of you have a very splendid Christmas and associated other celebrations, wish you could all be here with us now – it’s lovely down here, although there’s always something strange about Christmas when it’s not cold.
So as a traditional Christmas Eve activity today I went for my first dive since the Similian Islands in Thailand, way back in March 2003… It was pretty obvious I was rusty, even with the practice dive the other week. Still, it was great to be back in the blue again and expect some photos soon since M and her family got me a lovely underwater camera case for Christmas/Birthday – thanks again for that! And thanks again to dad for his Birthday present of a few years back.. a dive watch that has only just seen its first action. Splendid.

Back Under the Water

Today was my first dive since 13th March 2004. It was only a practice dive, in the impressive 15m deep dive pool at the Stade Olympique in Montreal, but it was wonderful to be back under the water again.

After so long away I was worried about all the things I’d forget or whether my ears would play up – or explode. All sensible concerns. Thankfully none of them were realised and I got to float around, watching the other divers play whilst finding that my neutral buoyancy control is as crap as it ever was. Keep level using only breathing and no hand/feet movements? Hah. Can’t wait to go play in the sea now.

Thanks to Robin from Total Diving for working me through the kinks, and to M for the early Christmas present. I just hope you could join me down there one day…