Today’s Guitar Song: "I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman" – The White Stripes

Now that I have my strat’ & amp back in regular circulation I realised my repertoire of songs hasn’t really grown since about 10 years ago. Ug. So I’m setting myself a challenge to try and learn a new song every day (or so). Nothing too complex, but songs that I enjoy listening to and disturbing the neighbours with (sorry Jen).

Today’s song is from the lovely White Stripes, as I suspect many future songs will as well given their basis in relatively easy rock blues guitar. The song “I’m Finding It Harder, To Be A Gentleman Every Day” is off White Blood Cells, and the tab was found here. A nice easy start, six chords and a break that just involves bending a few strings. Tomorrow I might even try tuning my guitar first since the tab seemed to be one tone low.

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