Guitar Hero Tab: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones

One of my favourite tunes off Guitar Hero II, an amazing game that you should go buy if you don’t already have it, is ‘Can’t you Hear me Knocking’ by the Rolling Stones. It’s a driving, simple but grippin’ blues riff that sticks in your head like super-glue or the latest chart topper by Britney… when she has something that hits the charts that is.

Anyways, as part of my irregular series on guitar practice I decided to tackle this classic tune, or at least Keith’s rhythm part.. which thankfully is relatively simple, once you’ve tuned your guitar to G, and ignored some of the nuances. Like playing guitar with a burning ciggie stuck in your fretboard… To try it yourself check out the tab here.

Ps, if you’re feeling suitably rockin’ after that, go check out some of my mate Alex’s smashing rock t-shirts, for the guitar god in all of us.

Today’s Guitar Song: "I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman" – The White Stripes

Now that I have my strat’ & amp back in regular circulation I realised my repertoire of songs hasn’t really grown since about 10 years ago. Ug. So I’m setting myself a challenge to try and learn a new song every day (or so). Nothing too complex, but songs that I enjoy listening to and disturbing the neighbours with (sorry Jen).

Today’s song is from the lovely White Stripes, as I suspect many future songs will as well given their basis in relatively easy rock blues guitar. The song “I’m Finding It Harder, To Be A Gentleman Every Day” is off White Blood Cells, and the tab was found here. A nice easy start, six chords and a break that just involves bending a few strings. Tomorrow I might even try tuning my guitar first since the tab seemed to be one tone low.