Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

Last night we finally got to see Hot Fuzz, the latest comedy masterpiece from the geniuses behind Shaun of the Dead, and it was hilariously good. Where Shaun focussed on zombie movies (with a dash of romantic comedy), Hot Fuzz focuses on cop buddy movies to great effect – lampooning classic English thrillers such as The Wicker Man and modern high octane offerings such as Bad Boys II. This blend of small town hidden cult, buddy movie and loud explosions is executed with the usual brilliance from Simon Pegg in the lead, Nick Frost as his buddy and Edgar Wright behind the cameras.

I won’t go into the plot, but my highlights include the roles from many great British actors; including Edward Woodward (the good guy in the original Wicker Man) as one of the bad guys, Timothy Dalton as the apparently too evil supermarket owner and Jim Broadbent as the friendly Superintendent. The humour is subtle but laugh out loud funny, and the interaction between Pegg and Frost is outstanding. Plus you will jump with fright at some points. An amazing blend.

One thing… If you don’t like gory deaths, don’t go see this film! No CGI effect was spared to make the deaths as bloody and shocking as possible, with the highlight being the death by falling church masonry – hilariously disgusting.

Go see it now!

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