Tribeca Film Fest Arrested

Last night I finally got to see one of my favourite comedians play live, as David Cross was a guest at last night’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s (UCBT) ‘Un-sanctioned Tribeca Film Festival F%ck Around’. Having never been to the UCBT or seen many improvisational shows it was an interesting and fun experience. The theatre is small but well organised, and they have their line mechanics highly tuned – you sign up on an RSVP list before the show, when you get there you pay downstairs then go stand in the line with your tickets and 10/15 minutes before the show they start letting you in 20 people at a time. Oh, and they have beer. Sweet.

The show itself was based around the Tribeca Film Festival that’s currently taking over most New York cinemas. All the comedians play characters related to film, including an over-angry Harvy Weinstein and a dog loving Paul Bogdonavich (no relation). The two show comperes, Jackie Clarke and Seth Morris carry on a talk show format with the other guests – mostly based around movies, but also bizarrely around dog food – giving them questions to respond around. For his bit David Cross played a movie marketer (“not marketeer!”) and expounded on how the film industry relies on its box office figures – “Hey, you just saw Rocky and it was really great. Can you see any more? No! Because without numbers there’s no Rocky 2, or 3”. Great stuff.

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  1. We might be in a fight; you didn’t tell me about David Cross being around! 😉

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