Pedulatory Changes

Over the past few years New Yorkers have seen a rapid increase in the numbers of pedicabs scooting around the streets, especially around Central Park and midtown. What once used to be the province of small, individual enterprises became more corporate and advanced. The old guard, of which my friend Paula is one, have been increasingly pushed out by the more aggressive tactics undertaken by a new wave of people driven by making a quick buck rather than the enjoyment of being on the street and seeing it all happen in front of you.

Well now it’s gotten to a stage where New York will regulate pedicabs, requiring licences and laying out plans to limit the total number of pedicabs to only 325. This compares poorly to the 13,087 licenced yellow cabs currently in the city. Most of whom are busy chatting to their friends on their cellphones and trying to run over pedestrians by not paying attention. Bless.

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