Back in the US Of A

Hey y’all – after a whistle stop couple o’ weeks I’m now back in New York. It seems strange to think I’ve only been away two weeks, it feels like ages. First I was up in Montreal, luckily managing to be on one of only two flights that Air Canada ran on a snowy Friday where everything else got cancelled. Then, taking advantage of an incredibly cheap deal, I headed back to England for my nephew’s 4th birthday and Mothering Sunday. Phew!

The trip was a great success (other than than the throat infection I now seem to be suffering from). I managed to surprise mum & nan quite successfully by turning up behind them when they came over to visit Nathanael for his birthday – much surprised staring ensued. All the nephews and nieces enjoyed the piles of toys that I’d lugged across the world for them, all the older folk were glad to see me and it was just nice to be back in England again and to see everyone.

Now I’m back and, amazingly, my guitar amp and Strat survived the trip here without damage – or at least my Strat is behaving to its usual crap level so time for a service there methinks. I’m also still feeling mildly confused by this 4 hour time difference between the US and the UK… bloomin’ government changing the daylight savings date.

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