Rainy London Day Films

Well it’s a grey, wet day in London so thought I’d bring you a few movie reviews from the last few days of lounging around chez t’other Matt (thanks Matt!)

First up, Serenity, the movie spinoff from the cancelled Firefly series from genius Buffy creator Joss Whedon. This highly entertaining, action packed science fiction movie is actually a western in disguise – filled with wise cracking dialogue, a shady governing empire and a martial arts expert psychic with a hidden secret. All good stuff, and it’s definately made me want to go check out the original series as well.

Next, Transporter 2. Jason Stratham reprises his role as the calm, quiet, expressionless martial arts expert driver – this time in his new job picking up a kid from school in Miami. Of course, it turns out this kid is a target for the ‘bad guys’ (including a semi naked supermodel with a penchant for shooting things and the requisite European accents) and the usual chase/fight mayhem ensues. Definately not a brain strain, and not as good as the original, but it has a few good moments.

Finally, Peep Show, a UK comedy show in three short series about two housemates with confused social skills. What makes this series so amazing is that it’s shot from ‘behind the eyes’ of the protaganists, and you also get to hear their, often bizarre, mental ramblings. Failed dates, housemates tiffs and just day to day work are all amplified into wonderful comedy fuel under this model and the talents of the two actor/writers Mitchell and Webb. Go check it out – it’s also currently on BBC America.

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