Merry Januaryween!

New Year’s Season Greetings to one and all*, welcome to 2007. May you all have hte best bestest bestesterest year ever. And then some.

My hangover has now subsided after another classic Chris party, so I can finally face the loud tapping noise of my keyboard to make a post. Thanks to everyone for a fun evening, and big thanks to my family as usual for stuffing me full of Christmas fare. This of segues nicely into my sole New Year’s Resolution of ‘lose the weight put on over Christmas’.

* Apologies to all religious groups I’ve offended because you either don’t celebrate the ‘increasingly commericalised’ New Years or have a much better date for resetting your calendar. Oh, and a big up to the Mayans as we now enter the last five years before the end of their calendar and either a time of re-birth or the end of the world. Personally I’m rooting for that to be the date the Internet becomes sentient.

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