Stop in the name of the luew!

Just back from a lovely weekend up in Montreal with Miette. Smashing – and apparently my new passport works just fine, apart from Air Canada’s automated ticketing machine not letting me put a passport expiration date more than 10 years in advance, and my passport is valid till August 2016 since it’s an extension. Technology, eh.

Some bad news though: while I was sitting working at Miette’s apartment on Monday someone tried to break in as the yoga studio downstairs had left both outside doors propped open. Great stuff. At first I thought it was just someone going in next door, then the noise got louder and the door popped open – I said ‘Hello?’, they said ‘Sorry’ then they started running and I ran after, stopping after getting onto the street and loosing them round a corner. Exciting stuff indeed, or as Josh pointed out ‘that was stupid – they could have had a knife or gun’.

Flight back was uneventful except for turbulence and a 50 minute holding pattern that, after circling round north of Manhattan for a while, decided on a stunning route down the Hudson river before circling Staten Island twice then coming in to land. Stressful for the delay, but amazing views – check them out.

In other news: David Blaine unfortunately didn’t manage to break the record for holding breath under water, luckily he is still alive after his liver started to fail and his hands fell apart. Yeuch. Also, Colbert’s amazing roast of the President at the White House Press Assocation Dinner continues to be number 1 most popular Google video – and rightly so! Go watch it now if you haven’t already and keep it in public sight where it needs to be.

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