Living Life in the Lens

Last night I wandered down to see David Blaine‘s latest escapade – Drowned Alive. After his huge success at attracting unwanted attention from English drunken louts in a box over London, he’s now going for the slightly more down to earth approach of living in a ball of water for a week. Can’t he just get drunk like everyone else?

Anyways, went down there at night as the light looked interesting and unfortunately arrived just as he was getting his hands seen to by the doctor. You know. If you spend 20 minutes in the bath your hands go all pruned? So think what a few days underwater will do to them?

Ps, in other exciting news – just got my passport back from being renewed. Finally! It’s totally different from the old passports. The part with the photo is thick card containing an RFID chip (yay tracking!) and all very shiny with lots of birds on it. I asked for an extended passport, which apparently I got charged for, but still seems to be pretty skimpy on the pages compared to my old passport. The good news is that the royal crest on the front has not worn off like it had on my old one from too much bar hopping.

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